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Scottish Government Debate: Impact of Brexit on Scotland's Supply Chain and Labour Market
Full clip from 30th September 2021: "That the Parliament believes that the UK Government’s chaotic hard Brexit policy is ...
Brexit (Impact on Imports)
Brexit has led to significant challenges, including labour and skills shortages, which could have an impact on supplies ...
Question on the EU Settled Status scheme
Setting out the SNP's position on extension of the EU Settled Status scheme.
Affirmation speech, Holyrood, 2021
Angus Robertson's affirmation speech at Holyrood, Thursday May 13th 2021.
Interview, post-result, BBC
An interview with BBC, outside Holyrood, as List results still being counted.
Interview, post-result, STV
An interview with STV, outside Holyrood, as List results still being counted.
Angus Robertson Election Result Speech 2021
Footage, courtesy of the Press & Journal, of Angus Robertson's speech from the Scottish Parliament 2021 count